Are you involved in the agricultural sector? Do you have farm produce that needs to be moved between states in Nigeria? Are you in need of an agricultural logistics company in Nigeria? If you answered yes to the previous questions, Red Star Express Plc is your best bet.

Red Star Express Plc is an agricultural logistics company in Nigeria. We specialize in transporting agricultural produce of various types around Nigeria. Irrespective of your location in Nigeria, Red Star Express Plc can help you convey your agricultural produce to the required destination.

At Red Star Express Plc, we fully understand the value you have for your business. Hence, we put in our best to ensure that we work hand in hand with you to accomplish your goals. We see our clients as business partners with whom we try to grow their businesses.

agricultural logistics in Nigeria
agricultural logistics in Nigeria


We are always available: We understand that the need for our services can come up at any time of the day. Hence, we make sure that our services are always available. Irrespective of when you need it, you can contact Red Star Express Plc. We always have available options for you.

We have a wide reach: At Red Star Express Plc, our agricultural logistics services spread across each of the thirty-six states of Nigeria and even the FCT. We make our logistics services available nationwide to erase the need for you to partner with another company.

We have vehicles of various sizes: When it comes to agricultural produce, you need an agricultural logistics company in Nigeria that can offer you vehicles of various sizes. We do this so that irrespective of the weight of your agricultural produce, we will be able to convey your produce. We make various options available for our clients to give them various options and eliminate their stress.

We are time savers:  Every true business man or woman knows that money is time. Therefore, we know that you do not have time to waste when it comes to transporting your produce. As an agricultural logistics company in Nigeria, we place a lot of stock by deadlines and schedules. We keep to schedules and deadlines to ensure that we help further your plans and not delay them.

We offer completive prices: We offer competitive price packages to ensure that partnering with us becomes your only option.

Standard Customer Care: To ensure that you have the best services offered to you, we have made our customer care lines available round the clock. Our lines are manned by experienced professionals whose aims are to offer you help in any direction which it is recovered from.




Red Star Express is the best food delivery service that you would ever need to partner with. We push to offer services that totally eliminate the need for you to worry about any logistics-related issues.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to make inquiries about us, contact us today. Our lines are always active and we cannot wait to hear from you.


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